Real Life Little Love Notes

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Real Life Little Love Notes
Real Life Little Love Notes


One evening, my fellow paper-loving friend, Merritt, texted me to say that Loops & Belles should do a version of our popular Little Love Notes for the more challenging aspects of a relationship. After brainstorming with friends and drawing inspiration from some of my own shortcomings, our Real Life Little Love Notes were born! 


Show your love with our Real Life Little Love Notes pack!

We took our customer favorite Little Love Notes and expanded them to include cards for the flirty - and tough - times of a relationship! 

Each pack comes with 20 mini cards. These are perfect for tucking away in your honey's wallet, purse, or car as a little surprise! (Or sliding under the door if someone is needing some alone time after a disagreement)

Each card measures 3" x 2.5" 

Products are packaged in a protective clear box and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer.